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Hot, sweet and sticky... I want Candy [Jan. 22nd, 2005|02:27 pm]
[mood |mischievousmischievous]
[music |I want Candy - Good Charlotte]

Title: Got Dizzy Dancing The Tango Pt 5
Pairing: Jesse Lacey [Brand New] / Adam Lazzara [TBS]
Rating: Getting slightly hot...
Summary: “Jesse Lacey, you are the only fag I know who can’t dance and or wiggle his hips.”
Notes: Had the idea for a while now, and I’ve finally decided to write it

Pt 5

“You practically know all the steps now, it’s just putting them all together, you know?”

He tells me as he throws his coat onto [which immediately falls off] a well placed chair, just inside the door, and walks off to turn some lights on. I neatly fold my own coat onto the arm, then pick up Adam’s, and repeat the process.

I follow the direction I’d seen Adam go in, and find him in a spacious room, fiddling with some knobs on a CD player, until another onetwothree beat is coursing through the room. Adam steps away from the device, clicking his fingers, his hips moving in a slow circle [one of those measured ones… turn MTV on. You’ll see what I mean] before bursting into life, legs encased in those skintight jeans, and he spins –

I’ve been caught. And, from the look on his face, so has he. He blushes, stopping his movements, and ducking his head slightly, so that his eyes are veiled by his hair.

He clears his throat nervously, and I scratch the back of my neck. “Do you want to get started?” he mumbles, and I just nod, making my way over to him.

We start in silence, reciting the earlier learned steps, till Adam thinks we’ve done that enough.

“Imagine yourself as powerful, graceful, and beautiful as a cat. You’ll begin to feel and move and even look the way you imagine.”

He grins cheekily down at me, winking. “Not that you need to imagine, anyway.” He chuckles, and I can feel my cheeks warming slightly, as I feel his slender muscles bunch under my fingers.

He. Is. Flirting. With. Me.

We move together, hips pressed close, and he begins to back up, using la caza again, and I follow. But, then his hand is on my chest, stopping me.

“Wait. Could I be the lead, for a minute? You know, you might pick something up…” his eyes are wide and innocent as he asks, as if I’ll turn him down, so I can’t help but nod. “You allow me to use my artistic license?” he is serious about this, and his eyes search mine, and once again, I’m nodding as he backs up a few paces.

Then the next song starts up, and Adam is staring at me, eyes dark. He begins to stalk around me, circling me, those long legs moving gracefully. I move away from him, remembering my part, and soon we stop just short of each other.

He reaches out and touches my cheek, seemingly intent, but then his hand is sliding down to my shoulder, and he walks behind me. Then his lips graze the skin on the back of my neck, and his arm comes down to circle my waist as I lean into his caress.

I feel his hand grip mine, then his lips move again. “Resist.” he whispers, and then I’m spinning away, his grip on me stopping me from escaping.

I begin backing up, right foot first, and he pursues, a predatory glint in his eye, and I get the distinct impression of being trapped, then he moves our hips together, ebony eyes still trained on my own. And this is so hot and heavy, completely erotic, I think I’m going to have an embarrassing problem in a minute.

He captures me, and again, he’s behind me, hips moving in time to the onetwothree, lips ghosting my neck. “Experience the soul, Jesse. Let it take you over.”

His hands creep down my sides, and I’m shivering. I feel intoxicated, and my blood is pumping heavily, making my breaths shaky and slightly desperate. I ‘resist’ his advances, and move to evade him, but he somehow works around it, and has us cheek to cheek in moments flat, hips moving together.

“Read my body, Jesse. Listen to it. Feel it. El alma del tango.”

And, then it’s there. He’s still gyrating his hips into mine, and soon he’s going to feel it. He must’ve noticed, by now, the funny way I’m dancing, because, to my utter delight, his hands are suddenly on my ass, pressing me against him; his hot breath scorching my neck.

I’m sure this isn’t in the tango, but the movement of his hips and the denim of my jeans are creating a delicious friction in my… nether regions, and from the feel of things, it’s the same for him, so I really don’t care, all of a sudden.

“J…Jesse.” He pants hotly, pulling his head back to look at me properly, and my eyes are hazy, but I try my best to focus on him. “I don’t… usually do this…” he finishes.

I shake my head, my voice husky. “Me, either.”

[User Picture]From: x_yourkiss
2005-01-23 07:46 pm (UTC)
oh god that was hot. i love it, can't wait for more.
mind if i add you?
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[User Picture]From: x_yourkiss
2005-02-02 12:15 am (UTC)
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[User Picture]From: dragons_shadow
2005-02-02 04:23 pm (UTC)
haha, sorry, I have another written, but, I've been way tired and haven't re-written it yet... so, soon. I promise. XxX
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[User Picture]From: x_yourkiss
2005-02-03 01:00 am (UTC)
I understand, its been like over a month since I've updated my story, so all my readers want to shoot me too. I can wait, this is just so good!
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