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Title: Got Dizzy Dancing The Tango Pt 7 Pairing: Jesse Lacey… - Can't You Live Without The Attention? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Feb. 19th, 2005|06:56 pm]
Title: Got Dizzy Dancing The Tango Pt 7
Pairing: Jesse Lacey [Brand New] / Adam Lazzara [TBS]
Rating: PG-13 for language, NC-17 in later chapters
Summary: “Jesse Lacey, you are the only fag I know who can’t dance and or wiggle his hips.”
Notes: Sorry this chapter took so long to write. I hope you like it, and get what I'm trying to do.

Pt 7

Adam giggles and places his hands on my hips, knowing that he wasn’t supposed to, but, hey, we can’t keep our hands off each other. “You’re getting good at this.” He comments, reaching up to peck me on the lips, and I feel a surge of pride. [I said pride]

I lean towards him and nuzzle his neck. “Mmm, thanks.” I murmur and begin to bite down gently, proceeding to give him a small love bite. He drops his head back, giving me more access, and lets out a small whimper, stepping back.

“Oh, no, my pretty…” I smirk deviously, prowling after him. He gives out a shriek of mock fear [I hope…] and steps back again, but I wrap my arms about his waist, and pull him towards me by his hips.

“Oh, no, big bad Jesse has me; what is a boy to do?” he smirked, leaning back, over my arms, so that he was bent completely over, his hair almost touching the floor.

I bend my head, biting and nipping gently at the skin near his hip, which was uncovered by his top riding upwards. “Hmm, I don’t know…” I murmured into his [flawless] skin. He moaned and went limp in my arms, which pulled me to the floor, in a tangle of Adam’s long limbs.

He began to giggle slightly, “Mmm… Sorry. Weak point, you know?” and reaches up peck my lips again. I peck him back a few times, and he just cocks his head and looks at me, before slowly closing his eyes and leaning up to kiss my lips for longer.

I take his bottom lip and bite gently on it, hearing his mewling moan, and released it to kiss him again, feeling him open his mouth to allow me access, which I obviously accept.

His long arms slide up my back, his fingers playing with the hair just above my neck. My fingers creep up to touch his jaw, then just to play with the ends of his hair. He lays an arm above his head, and I blindly reach forward and curl my fingers around his, so that we’re loosely holding hands above his head.

We’re just lying like that, on the floor, kissing for the longest time ever, unhurried, just… being together. It was the best feeling in the world.

Then, the beeping of Adam’s watch told us that it was the end of our lesson together. Sighing, he broke the kiss, pecking my lips once more, opening his heavy lidded eyes and smiling hazily up at me.

I help him to his feet and wrap my arms round his waist.

He nuzzles my neck for a minute, before pulling back. “See you tonight?” His eyes sparkle.

And then I remember. I went to ask Adam to dinner, and he went to ask me to dancing, so we’ve combined the two and we’re having dinner and dancing at this place he knows.

I grin sheepishly at him. “Yeah, love. You don’t have to pick me up, I’ll-” but he cuts me off by kissing me briefly, then shaking his head.

“I’m picking you up. 7.30pm. Be ready.” And he leans in and just carefully places his lips over mine, which feels… nice. He sighs again, “You’d better go. Tonight.” The last word is said as a promise.

And, as I leave the hall, his soft smile makes the corners of my own mouth turn upwards.

“The ever brilliant John Nolan, aka God, is stood outside your apartment shivering his hot ass off, so open the fuck up already, Jesse!”

I run over to the intercom thing and press the buzzer viciously [because I almost amputated a… valuable part of my anatomy in my rush]. I rub my shower-damp hair with a towel [to stop the drips] and make myself presentable just as the door opens and my best friend steps through it.

“What’s the emergency?” He asks dully, walking into my kitchen. I follow him, watching as he grabs a cup of coffee from the coffee pot [without offering me, pfft]. Then he turns to look at me, and almost spits his coffee back out.

“You’re not going to wear those trousers with that shirt, are you?” he asks incredulously. [Hands on hips… typical gay moment]

Personally, I don’t see what was wrong with the combination, but, seeing as he has more expertise than me, I let him drag me into the bedroom [no, only Adam is allowed to do THAT in my bedroom with me] and allow him to ransack my wardrobe, throwing a pale blue shirt and black trousers at me.

“Alright, now, go change.” And I get thrown out of my room and into the bathroom. I get changed, then realise that I didn’t put any deodorant on. I do that, then toy with the idea of putting aftershave on, but finally decide against it. [Getting a mouthful of aftershave when you kiss would be pretty sick, and my luck isn’t the best with things like that – Adam’s just a one off]

I hear John talking into the intercom phone thing, but it’s too muffled to make out what he’s saying, so I mess with my hair a little, which is sticking damply to my forehead, even though I keep pushing it off. My hair never does what I want it to [and ohmygod I sounded like a girl.]

There’s a quiet tap on the bathroom door [and I jump out of my skin]. “Ehem… Jess? You have to come out now…”

I open the door, and John almost falls into the bathroom with me. I quickly upright the both of us, and begin to walk past him, laughing it off.

“Psst, Jess. He’s hot.” And John winks, closing the bathroom door behind himself.

I turn around, hands clammy. He must be here already… and I see Adam sat on the edge of the sofa in the living room, eyes darting nervously as he bounces his knee. He’s wearing a black and maroon striped top, plain black trousers, but I’ve never seen him looking so good before. [Do we really have to go out? The bed’s just down the hall…]

I nervously clear my throat, rubbing my [sweaty] hands against my legs and walk towards him. “Hey.” I greet awkwardly. Why the fuck am I awkward? It must not only me, because he gives me a wavering smile in return.

“Hey… You good to go?”

I nod in reply, grabbing my wallet and keys off the top. He stands uncomfortably for a second, just casting his gaze around, rubbing his hands. Alright, this has gone on far enough. I go over to him, and he looks [down] at me through strands of hair with his big brown eyes, and I kiss just beside his mouth.

“You look great, Adam. Really… just amazing.”

He leans back in and captures my lips in a gentle kiss. “So do you, Jesse. More than amazing.”

And, just like that, most of the uneasiness is gone, and we hold hands as we stand in the lift, till we get to his car, where he opens the door for me and everything. [Sigh; he’s such a gentleman]

We drive in silence for a few minutes, before he clears his throat and shifts in his seat, which causes me to glance at him. He’s making this pained face as he concentrates on driving. And, over the past two weeks, I’ve realised his face is very expressive.

“Jesse…?” He frowns out of the windshield. I look back at him, letting him know he has my attention. “Um… who was that… at your apartment?” and he bites his lip.

I frown, confused. “You mean John?” and Adam just shrugs, quickly taking his eyes off the road to glance at me. I don’t quite know what he means, so, without thinking, I get defensive. “What about him?”

His grip on the steering wheel tightens slightly, and I can see the whiteness of his knuckles. “Just wondering… Is he your… Boy. Friend?” He seemed to have a hard time getting the sentence out, but then the penny drops.

“John?! Hell no. Best friend. My God, Adam –”

I hear him let out a sigh of relief. “Sorry, bad experiences. You know?”

Cue the violins; man, he looks so sad right now. I reach over and place my hand over his, to which he turns his hand around, entwining our fingers so that our palms rested against each others.

The words, promising that I’d never hurt him being to rise in my throat, but I stop them; I don’t know whether I will or not, and it’s best not to make false promises. So, I just squeeze his hand gently, and smile as he returns it.

We continue holding hands for the whole drive, just sitting in comfortable silence. We pull up outside a tall, red bricked building and he brings our hands up to his mouth, kissing each of my knuckles.

“Ready?” He raises his eyebrows as he looks over at me. I nod, and he releases my hand to get out of the car, coming round to my side to open the door for me. [Politeness is a turn on.] He grabs my hand again, pecking my lips lightly, and locking the car.

“Let’s go.” He whispers, keeping a hold of my hand, leading me towards the entrance to the building.

We walk in and we’re steered straight over to a window seat, menus in hand almost immediately. We’re almost ready to order, telling each other what we wanted, when an extremely beefy man pushes through the small group of tables, arms outstretched in welcoming.

“Adam, where have you been?” the man cries merrily, pulling him out of his seat and into a tight hug [I’m pretty sure I heard Adam’s back pop].

Adam just awkwardly pats the man’s back in return. “I’ve been around, Eddie.”

The man, Eddie, releases him to hold him at arms length, giving him the up and down [grr, mine] as if checking he was okay. “Why you no come visit me, eh?”

He sounds like he has an Italian accent, and I hope he isn’t part of the Mafia, because I don’t want to sleep with the fishes, or get whacked for being with the pretty Adam Lazzara. [Oh god, everyone’s foreign. I’m going to get shot! Or… Maybe I should stop watching The Godfather. Hm.]

Adam just laughs it off, and motions to me. “This is Jesse, my boyfriend.” Adam’s still standing, so I stand, too, to pay my respects to [the Godfather…] Eddie. He stares at me with his beady black eyes, seizing me up. I begin to feel uncomfortable, then, before I even realise what’s happening, I’m being suffocated and I wish Adam and I had just stayed at home as I begin to say a prayer in my head. That’s when I begin to pat Eddie’s back in return, and he loosens his grip on me, and I’m able to pull away [from his sweat patches].

“Welcome to the family.” Eddie tells me, and I just decide to smile and nod in return. [I don’t want to say the wrong thing, then end up at the bottom of a river.] Adam and Eddie exchange a few quiet words, hug a bit more, and then, Eddie’s gone again.

Adam sits back down, brushing his hair away from his eyes slightly. “Sorry about that; he’s my old boss, you know, and used to look after me.” He looks thoughtful for a moment. “Still does.” He shakes his head, clearing his throat briefly. “Anyway, I told him what we wanted, and he’s getting it for us.”

I’m still rather shaking from my near-death experience, but I manage to smile and nod. I gaze distractedly round the room, taking in the other couples eating their meals. The walls are the same red brick as outside, but it sets a warm atmosphere and adds character to the restaurant.

“So, after dinner, we’ll go through to the club for dancing, yeah?” Adam asks, folding his menu and setting it aside.

I send him a puzzled look. “I thought we were going to a gay bar?”

Adam raises his eyebrows slightly, giving me a strange look. That’s when I glance around, looking back at the couples. Two women, holding hands. Men gazing deeply into each other’s eyes.

…Oh. I get it now.

I look back at Adam and he’s smirking slightly, and I can’t help but feel a little embarrassed. I lower my head, playing with the tablecloth.

“Hey.” He leans over the table, tipping my chin up and just pressing his lips against mine, like he did earlier. I really like it, but I can’t help but tilt my head and move my lips softly against his. He reaches over, cupping my cheek with his other hand, kissing back and I place my hand over his. [I’m really glad we’re here instead of a normal restaurant…]

“Eh-hem. Break it up, fellas. Plenty of time for that, later.” A teasing voice told us, and we pulled apart. The boy set two plates of pasta down, smiling. “There you are, Adam, Jesse.”

So, we eat our meals… Nothing interesting happened, really [except the leg rubbing under the table]. But, after dessert, Adam informs me that he feels his groove bubbling, and that we need to go dance right now.

And that’s how I came to be in this flashing neon room, trying my best to focus on just dancing instead of how Adam’s hips are moving in those [tight] trousers and the writhing mass of bodies all bumping and grinding, as if they were having sex right there on the dance floor… [Come to think of it, they probably are…]

A slightly fast song about beating hearts comes on, and his eyes snap to mine, one arm wrapping itself around my neck as he stalks closer to my body, long legs stretching out straight, hips pushing up towards mine. Without thinking, I step back, and he smirks, hair barely brushing his eyelashes as his eyes hold mine with his predatory hunger.

I decide to beat him at his own game, and I push my hips up towards his, stepping towards him in retaliation; he seems to realise what I’m doing, but, instead of backing off, his leg finds itself between mine, his other one wrapping about mine.

“Shit, you’re hot when you take control…” he murmurs right into my ear, his other arm coming to rest along the back of my shoulders and he links his hands, laying his head on my shoulder as we grind. His hips are doing these little circles into mine, and I could never do that with mine, but it’s so… sexual and erotic. I don’t know how to explain it, but when he dances… he is sex.

His breath is hot through the material of my shirt, and I think he just said something, but I’m not quite sure. He pulls his head back, his [smouldering] gaze locked on mine, his jaw slightly slackened as his eyes begin to glaze over, light pants escaping his mouth, followed by whimpering moans.

Then the grinding between our bodies becomes even more intense, and I can see [feel] why he’s moaning, which immediately makes me moan in reply. He leans forward, biting into the skin near my ear. “Dancing is the vertical wish of the horizontal act…” he breathes, and it just got a whole lot hotter in here.

“Let’s go…” I whisper back, taking his hand and pulling him away from the dance floor and out of the bar, stumbling as little as possible as we walked, lips and hands all over each other.

We reach the car without falling over, and he tries to unlock the doors, but I wrap my arms about his waist, lips on his neck [another weak spot] and he starts mewling again, giving up to just turn in my arms, pressing back against me as I push him up against the side of the car, lips hungrily seeking his.

I can feel him smile into the kiss before he pulls back. “Let’s just get out of here.” And he kisses me much more slowly, his hand coming to rest at the nape of my neck for a few minutes, before he giggled, twisting away and [finally] getting the car unlocked.

[User Picture]From: x_yourkiss
2005-02-20 12:54 am (UTC)
God you are so wonderful Dancing is the vertical wish of the horizontal act…” he breathes, and it just got a whole lot hotter in here. And that was hillarious. Please write more soon.
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[User Picture]From: catch_the_kids
2005-02-24 01:19 pm (UTC)
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